About the Agri-Cam

The Agri-Cam is changing the way you watch over your livestock. It provides real time viewing of what is going on in your barn or shed, which can be accessed from anywhere in your world, via the internet.

If you have a laptop, iPad, or smartphone, you can access your camera and move it 360 degrees so you can move and zoom it so you can see exactly what is happening from all angles.

After listening to the feedback from our past customers, it is clear that a farmer doesn't have to be present during the birth of a calf unless necessary. This can alleviate stress on the cow, and with your Agricam, you can watch over the whole thing and make sure that no problems arise.

Another advantage of having an Agricam is not having to get out of bed and check on the cows every couple of hours when the cattle are nearly ready to give birth. You can check on your livestock with ease by checking your phone or laptop, you don’t even need to get out of bed!

While there are other cow-cams, cattle-cams, and various other names of cameras on the market, you will find that our price is the best value by a long-shot, and is unique because the camera is housed in a weather-proof globe which prolongs the life of the camera and in turn makes your investment a long-term addition to your farm.

We also stock night-vision cameras, please specify when enquiring which one you require.